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Religious Records

Buddhist Records

Buddhist temples keep records of death and cremations performed by and for the temple, and names of pilgrims visiting the temple. These records are kept at each temple. Death and cremation records may contain additional information on the deceased's family members.

Christian Records

For more information about how to obtain records for Christian denominations, visit this page:Thailand Church Records

Hindu Records

Islamic Records

Islamic Marriages (Kadi) Records of Islamic marriage contracts. They are used to establish individual identity and linkage back two generations. Theoretically generations could be identified back to when the keeping of the record started. Records date from about 1500 to present. Generally these records contain names, ages, and residences of bride and bridegroom. Names and sometimes occupation of father and grandfather. Date of event. Signature of bridegroom. Names and residences of witnesses and names of witnesses fathers. Amount of dower money. They can be found in Mosques and in the houses of the Kazi who is the marriage registrar and judge.

Sikhs Records