Tendring Poor Law Union, Essex Genealogy

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Early parish workhouses were recorded in 1777 at

Ardleigh for up to 40
Beaumont with Mose (14),
Little Bentley (26),
Bradfield (12),
Great Bromley (30),
Great Clacton (30),
Harwich—Dover Court (8),
Harwich—St Nicholas (60),
Kirby (24),
Lawford (22),
Great Oakley (20),
Ramsey (14),
Tendring (20),
Thorpe (50),
and Wix (25).

Tendring Union Workhouse .jpg

Constituent parishes

Alresford, Essex
Ardleigh, Essex
Beaumont with Moze, Essex
Bradfield, Essex
Brightlingsea, Essex
Dovercourt, Essex
Elmstead, Essex 1838-1925
Frating, Essex
Frinton, Essex
Great Bentley, Essex
Great Bromley, Essex
Great Clacton, Essex
Great Holland, Essex
Great Oakley, Essex
Harwich St Nicholas, Essex 1838-1925
Kirby le Soken, Essex
Lawford, Essex
Little Bentley, Essex
Little Bromley, Essex
Little Clacton, Essex
Little Oakley, Essex
Manningtree, Essex
Mistley, Essex 
Ramsey, Essex 
St Osyth, Essex
Tendring, Essex
Thorrington, Essex
Thorpe le Soken, Essex 
Walton le Soken, Essex
Weeley, Essex 
Wix, Essex
Wrabness, Essex 

Later Additions:  Brightlingsea, Essex (1838-1880), Dovercourt (1838-1925), Harwich (1925-1930), Harwich St Nicholas (1838-1925).


Essex Record Office, Wharf Road Chelmsford CM2 6YT. Records include: Births (1839-1930); Baptisms (1907-30); Deaths (1839-1930); Creed registers (1889-1930)under following Essex Record Office references:

G/T W9 Creed Register 1927-1933
 A/HN 5/1/10 Register of Deaths 1933-1950
 D/P 353/1/10 Baptism register1882-1954
 G/T W17 Register of Defectives 1914-1934
G/T W24 Register of Births1914-1951
 G/T W26 Register of Baptisms 1911-1950
G/T W22 Register of Births and Deaths 1839-1866
G/T W29 Register of Deaths 1914-1933
G/T W18 Register of Mechanical Restraint 1899-1945
 D/P 263/18/6 Lists of paupers admitted into TENDRING Union WORKHOUSE, or chargeable upon parish 1848-1869
G/T W21 Register of Maternity Cases 1938-1947
G/T W1 Officers' salaries book 1899-1903
G/T W27 Register of Deaths 1866-1911
G/T W4 Miscellaneous papers removed from G/T W3 1921-1930
G/T W25 Register of Baptisms 1907-1911
G/T W23 Register of Births 1866-1913
G/T W8 Creed Register 1914-1926
G/T W7 Creed Register 1913-1914
G/T W28 Register of Deaths 1911-1914
G/T W3 Officers' salaries book 1922-1930 G/T W5 Creed Register 1889-1906
G/T W6 Creed Register 1906-1912

The Heath Hospital Previous name(s)
Tendring Public Assistance Institute 1930 - 1948
Tendring Union Workhouse c1837 - 1930
Tendring Clacton-on-Sea
Foundation Year c1837 Closure year c1991
Births 1839 - 1951 Deaths 1839 - 1950 Creeds 1889 - 1959 Maternity Cases 1938 - 1947 Guardians Minutes and Ledgers 1835 - 1930 in G/T Series
Pre 1948 Poor Law, Local Authority
Post 1948 National Health Service

Due to sensitivity of some records they are restricted for public access.


For more information on the history of the workhouse, see Peter Higginbotham's web site: www.workhouses.org.uk and http://www.workhouses.org.uk/index.html?Tendring/Tendring.shtml

http://unlockingessex.essexcc.gov.uk/custom_pages/monument_detail.asp?kids=1& monument_id=1035020 Seax Archealogy website with images and history of the Tendring heath site.