Template and Guidelines for Web Site Articles

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A web site article should focus on:

  • One Web site
  • One time period
  • One objective

If the site is complex (such as FamilySearch.org or Ancestry.com), please focus your article on one portion of the site that will help a user accomplish a single task, such as finding an ancestor’s parents in a specific place and time period.

The article may include the following sections:[edit | edit source]

Title (required)[edit | edit source]


  • Research objective
  • Place
  • Time period

Example: Online Tutorial on Reading Old Handwriting from England and Wales 1500 to 1800

Overview (required)[edit | edit source]

(Keep this very simple)'

  • Why use the site (objective)
  • State the full title of the website referenced
  • Coverage of the website; population coverage, record total, etc.

Content (required)[edit | edit source]

Types of information the website offers, such as ancestor’s name, birth date, names of an individual’s parents, and location of a town or record.

Internet Address (required)[edit | edit source]

Include the full URL address to the page and the terms needed to find the web page with a google.com search

Using the site[edit | edit source]

Give a sequential list of steps for finding information on this site. The list should begin with the first step after arriving at the internet address. Please do not include instructions on advanced searches and features of a website.

Cost (required)[edit | edit source]

State that the site is free or that it is a fee-based site: subscription or pay per view.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Provide helpful hints on using the site but not sequential steps on using the site.