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This template can be added to any article as a reminder of items still to do on the article to complete it. Many times an author may be able to contribute only portions of the article. Applying this template will allow others to add the missing necessary content.

Categorization[edit source]

Pages that include this template will be automatically included in the Category:ToDo (unless you supply the "category=" parameter, as described below).

Usage[edit source]

Simply insert the template at the top of the article or section by typing {{ToDo|your To Do comments here}}.

In general you should supply the tasks that need to be done, e.g., {{ToDo|Add references to sources quoted.}}.

If you are using the template only for documentation purposes, you can suppress the "To Do" category by adding a blank "category" parameter, e.g., {{ToDo|An item that needs to be done.|category=}}.