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This template has been created as an example of the layout/section headings to be used when creating an article about a society.

Start by creating a new Wiki page with a title that is the name of the society. Then on that new blank page use this template by typing {{subst:Societies}}, and near the bottom of the page in the Summary  box typing "create page headings" and clicking the [Save page] button. This will create all the headings in this template in the new article. Helpful tips guidance about the things to included in each section are given here below. Users can then add the specific content related to the society and can add or remove sections as needed.

Pages created using this template will be added to the Category:Societies.

See the Help article for more information about creating a society page.


The article starts with an infobox for societies. More information about the options/fields available to use in the infobox included in this template can be found on the infobox description page {{Infobox Societies}}.

The following section lists the section headings that will be created along with some tips/helps to guide users in adding content.

Promote the society by creating a brief snapshot of the society's activities. 
Begin by including a brief description and purpose of the society after the infobox. 
Note this section does not need a heading.

== Benefits  ==
*What are the benefits for becoming a member of the society? 
*What are the benefits the society has to offer for those who are not members?

== History of the society  ==
*Add a brief history of the society.
*Help the readers understand the purpose and goals of the society.

== Society Officers  ==
*Insert the names and contact information for society officers. 
*You could also link the society officer's names to the society projects they participate on
*Also the FamilySearch Wiki content pages and wiki projects they participate in.

== Society Projects  ==
List both past and present society projects
Describe the volunteer needs for each projects. 
Start a subject or locality FamilySearch Wiki project and list it here as one of the projects
Include links to other FamilySearch Wiki projects the society members are participating in. 

=== Current Projects  ===
*List the current project here.

=== FamilySearch Wiki Projects  ===
*Link to the FamilySearch Wiki projects the society has organized. 
*Link to the FamilySearch Wiki projects the society members are participating in.

=== FamilySearch Wiki Page Adoptions  ===
*Link to the wiki page(s) the society has [[Help:Adopt-a-page|adopted]].

==== Past Projects  ====
*Link to past projects that are now published in paper or online.

== Blog  ==
*Link to and briefly describe the subjects typically covered in your society's blog, if any.

== Facebook page  ==
*Link to and describe the subjects typically covered in your society's Facebook page, if any.

== Publications  ==
*Insert a list of society publications.

== Newsletters  ==
*Link to published online newsletters. 
*Scan and publish past newsletters, linking to them from this section.

== Collections  ==
*Add a detailed listing or highlights of the collections held by the society.

== Events  ==
Promote society events by listing them in this section. 
Include events such as society meetings, workshops, board meeting, training meetings, etc. 

=== Society Meetings  ===
*List upcoming society meetings, including date, time, locality 
*Link to notes and handouts from meetings. 
*Link to presentations shared at society meetings.

=== Workshops  ===
*Include the date, time, and locality for each workshop. 
*Link to additional wiki pages for notes and handouts from the workshops

=== Board Meetings  ===
*Include the date, time, and locality for each workshop.

=== Training Meetings  ===
*Include the date, time, and locality for each training meeting.

== Frequently Asked Questions  ==
*Two standard questions will be automatically added.
*Additional questions and answers can be posted as needed.

;Q. What are the directions to the society?

;Q. What are the society's hours of operation?
== Nearby or Alternate Repositories  ==
*Select repositories typically used by your society's members as part of their specialty area. Include libraries, archives, museums, courthouses, historical, genealogical, ethnic or religious heritage societies.
*List each repository, link to it, and briefly describe their collection. 


The Dorset Family History Society page is an example of a society page that was created by using this template.