Tarvin (previously Great Boughton) Poor Law Union, Cheshire Genealogy

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History[edit | edit source]

Great Boughton Poor Law Union came into being on 17 May 1837. It included over 100 parishes and had over 100 members of the Board of Guardians. It was therefore the largest Union created in 1837 in England and due to failure to agree on building a workhouse the Poor Law Board decided in 1853 to split the western part of the union and form Hawarden Union.

In 1857, Great Boughton Union built a workhouse on a 4-acre site on the east side of Heath Lane in Great Boughton. Designed by J Harrison, it accommodated 130 inmates and its construction cost around £2,500 plus a further £500 for the site.

In March, 1871, Great Boughton was renamed Tarvin, with further of its constituent parishes being transferred to the recently formed Chester Union.

The workhouse buildings became known as Tarvin House when the Union ceased and provided care for the elderly in Infirmary beds.

The site was subsequently redeveloped for private residential housing.

Constituent Parishes[edit | edit source]

1837-1871Great Boughton Union

Cheshire County

Aldersey, Aldford, Ashton, Bache, Backford, Barrow, Barton, Blacon cum Crabwall, Boughton-cum-Spittle [Spital Boughton], Broxton, Bridge Trafford, Bruen Stapleford, Buerton, Burton by Tarvin, Caldecott, Capenhurst, Carden, Caughall, Chorlton by Backford, Chowley, Christleton, Churton by Aldford, Churton by Farndon, Churton Heath, Claverton, Clotton Hoofield, Clutton, Coddington, Cotton Abbotts, Cotton Edmunds, Crewe by Farndon, Croughton, Dodleston, Duckington, Duddon, Dunham on the Hill, Eaton by Chester, Eccleston, Edge, Edgerley, Elton, Farndon, Foulk Stapleford, Golborne Bellow, Golborne David, Grafton, Great Boughton, Great Mollington, Great Saughall, Great Stanney, Guilden Sutton, Handley, Hapsford, Harthill, Hatton, Hockenhull, Hoole, Hoole Village, Horton, Horton cum Peel, Huntington, Huxley, Iddinshall, Ince, Kelsall, King's Marsh, Lea by Backford, Lea Newbold, Little Mollington, Little Saughall, Little Stanney, Littleton, Lower Kinnerton, Marlston cum Lache, Mickle Trafford, Moston, Mouldsworth, Newton by Chester, Newton by Tattenhall, Picton, Poulton, Pulford, Rowton, Saighton, Shotwick, Shotwick Park, Stanlow, Stoke, Stretton, Tarvin, Tattenhall, Thornton le Moors, Tilston, Upton by Chester, Waverton, Wervin, Willington, Wimbolds Trafford, Woodbank.
County of Flint
 Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales, Higher Kinnerton, Saltney.
Later Additions:Buckley, Prior's Heys, Sealand.

These parishes may be found within the Following ecclesiastical parishes 1871 Tarvin Union:

Aldford, Cheshire includes Buerton, Edgerley, Churton by Aldford, and Buerton near Chester.
Backford, Cheshire includes Caughall, Chorlton by Backford, Great Millington Tarrant, Great Mollington, Mollington Tarrant, Lea by Backford, Lea near Chester, Millington Tarrant, and Lea.
Barrow, Cheshire
Christleton, Cheshire including Cotton Abbotts, Rowton, Littleton, and Cotton Edmunds
Coddington, Cheshire including Aldersley and Chowley
Dodleston, Cheshire It included the villages of Higher Kinnerton and Lower Kinnerton and the hamlets of Balderton and Gorstella.
Eccleston, Cheshire including Eaton, Wrightington, Parbold, Heskin, Belgrave and Morris Oak
Farndon, Cheshire including Barton, Churton by Farndon, Clutton, Crewe (near Farndon) and Farndon.
Great Stanney, Cheshire
Guilden Sutton, Cheshire
Handley, Cheshire including Golborne David
Harthill, Cheshire
Ince, Cheshire
Kings Marsh, Cheshire extra parochial place
Plemstall, Cheshire including Mickle Trafford, Hoole, Bridge Trafford, and Picton (Pickton).
Prior's Heys, Cheshire extra parochial place
Pulford, Cheshire
Shotwick, Cheshire includes Capenhurst,Great and Little Saughall, Woodbank
Shotwick Park, Cheshire extra parochial
Spital Boughton, Cheshire extra parochial
Stanlow, Cheshire extra parochial
 Stoke, Cheshire (Stoak)includes Little Stanney
Tarvin, Cheshire Hargrave, Foulk Stapleford, Hockenhull, Hockenhull Stapleford, Horton cum Peel, Horton cum Peele, Horton with Peele, Kelsall, Kelsall on the Hill, Little Mouldsworth, Mouldsworth, Oscroft, Stapleford, Ashton, Ashton Hayes, Bruen Stapleford, Burton by Tarvin, Clotton, Clotton Hoofield, Clotton Hoolfield, Duddon, Faulk Stapleford, and Hockenhall. With Ashton Hayes &
Tattenhall, Cheshire including Golborne Bellow and Newton by Tattenhall
Thornton le Moors, Cheshire Dunham on the Hill, Elton (near Chester), Hapsford, Thornton le Moors and Wimbolds Trafford.
Tilston, Cheshire including Carden, Grafton, Horton, Horton by Malpas, and Stretton.
Waverton, Cheshire including Hatton, Huxley, and Hatton near Tarporley.
Willington, Cheshire extra parochial

Records[edit | edit source]

  • Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service, Cheshire Record Office, Duke Street, Chester, Cheshire CH1 1RL. Tel: 01244 972574

Fax: 01244 973812
Email: recordoffice@cheshireeast.gov.uk
Website: http://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/leisure,_culture_and_tourism/record_office.aspx

In addition to Guardians Minute Book and ledgers the following may be found:

Cheshire Record Office
DocumentReference ZHC/7

Title Register of births in the Great Boughton Workhouse, Tarvin Union.
Date 1866-1914

Cheshire Record Office
DocumentReference ZHC/9
Register of deaths in the Great Boughton Workhouse, Tarvin Union
Date 1866-1913

Microfilm of original filmed at the Cheshire Record Office in Chester, England.
Cheshire Record Office call no.: HC/7, 9.

Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 2001

Births, 1866-1914. Deaths, 1866-1913. Vault BRITISH Film 2299244 Items 7 - 8

Cheshire Record Office
DocumentReference ZTRU/49
Four agreements between the Guardians of Chester Union with the Guardians of the Unions of Prescot, Hawarden, Wirral and Tarvin for the reception and maintenance of patients from Chester Union Workhouse, due to the conversion of Chester Union Workhouse as a temporary military hospital. Also contracts for building work and installations re this conversion.
Date 1917

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