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FamilySearch Wiki:Missionary Training Lessons

Homework and Questions[edit | edit source]

How is the homework going? Do you want a review over any items? Do you have any general questions?

Introduction[edit | edit source]

We are going to cover the way we communicate inside the Wiki. Our User page communicate to others who we are and why we are here. Our Wiki User Talk pages are the main way we can ask and answer questions from contributors, users and our group. We use the Article talk pages to answer patron and contributors questions. We also may forward questions and comments to the Historical Records Team.

User Talk Pages[edit | edit source]

One of the duties we have as members of the Wiki Support team is to answer questions. Those questions may be found on talk pages and will come up in our duties. We will go to the following page User Talk Pages to review the talk pages. Please click this link and follow along on the page. Have each missionary read and discuss a each section through Discussion Conventions.

Examples of User talk page and the parts of those pages. Show a User Talk page and point out the different discussions. May use User talk:Sandralpond

Extra Parts of User Talk Pages and Their Use[edit | edit source]

On the User talk page there are a few differences on the Navigation Bar on right on this and most pages.

The main difference on the Navigation Bar on the User page is the Toolbox section. There are two additional links: Have missionaries go to navigation bar on the User page they are viewing and click on these items and discuss them.

  • "User Contributions" which links to all of this Users additions to the Wiki. You may need to look at the Users contributions to make a decision about what this person is working on to discuss a problem, a question or a page this user is connected to.
    "E mail this user" allows you to send an E mail message to the User and if they answer it comes back to your email. We often have to answer questions, give information, or inform contributors of policy. Beside the User talk page this is a useful tool.

User Pages[edit | edit source]

Our User pages are the way we share who we are with members of the team, other missionaries and workers, contributors and patrons. Have them click into the Help page above. Have several missionaries read or summarize the material in the section and go through Other Peoples User Boxes. Have missionaries click into their own User Page.

  • We want to put something to tell about who we are and why we are here.
  • We can also add sections on our User page that can hold our links to pages in the Wiki. Let them know one of their Homework assignments is to work on their User Boxes.

Article Talk Pages[edit | edit source]

Article Talk pages are an important way to help the Wiki and we can help by answering and learning from these pages. Have group click on the above link. Summarize the page.

Examples:Types of communication found on Talk Pages.

  • Information:We just leave these as they are good information for all to see. We usually find them as we patrol.
  • Problems or Questions:These are often a question even though not placed that way on the page. We try to answer these question but if we cannot answer we place a Help Template on the area just above the question so others can answer.
  • Historical Records Questions:We watch for these when patrolling and place Historical records templates on the page. Go to both templates and show how to use or have the missionaries put on their talk or user pages

Resolved and Unresolved[edit | edit source]

Some talk pages contain discussions. These may go on for some time and may resolve the item discussed. If so that item is resolved but some times these do not get resolved so we mark the page with unresolved but after a year of no action we mark it resolved. Arbitration can be used but we have always waited for those involved to come to us. Have three different missionaries go to these examples and share their screens and discuss.

  • Examples:
FamilySearch Wiki:Arbitration

Help Templates[edit | edit source]

Questions about the Wiki can be marked by others or by us. Templates to use if we can't answer, we do answer and to send to Historical Records.

Template:Records question

Ask for Help[edit | edit source]

We are a team and we can call on anyone with questions. We need to assist each other in asking questions, answering them, checking work and working together on projects.

As we work check each new link that is added, review all new material we place on the page, and when doing a new activity consider asking someone to review our work.