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The Federal Census Microfilm links from the National Archives do not work.  May we have your permission to remove the links?  We appreciate your diligence in making the Wiki a source of valuable information to its readers.

The links that do not work:  1920 T625, Soundex M1594, 1910 T624, Soundex T1279, 1900 T623, Soundex T1078, 1880 T9, Soundex T778, 1870 M593.

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Misleading on what is really Free

1840 population census images is in the "free" column.  The reality is, clicking on it takes you to Ancestry.Com which is not free.I think this link should be removed from the free column because it is incorrect.

The link is in the Free at some libraries columns, which is accurate.Parrisl 03:32, 15 January 2016 (UTC)