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Getting the word out about how to print out an article.

During a presentation at the BYU conference this week, someone was demonstrating finding helps on FamilySearch, and said that 'you can print out the material in Research Guidance, but you cannot print from the Wiki'.  That also after mentioning that the material there in research guidance is now largely also on the Wiki.

I did find the 'printable version' link on the main page, it should be elsewhere, and it does work, takes away the FamilySearch masthead and the page tabs and the article title background color.  Also it takes out the left navigation sidebar (you have to hit the back button to get back to that once done printing).

Now is there material elsewhere on the about pages or elsewhere that give this information?  Or are we going to need to create it? 

I also found at times the 'printable version' link is not seen on the left as well.  JamesAnderson 05:58, 1 August 2008 (UTC)

County Shell Project

David Samuelson and Jimmy Parker had a brilliant idea -- creating a shell for each for U.S. county for people to add information.

Modifications were made to the shell by Vicki Standing and Carol Smith, which they tested with Franklin County, Kentucky.

We are assigning missionaries from the U.S./Canada Zone to populate the rest of the counties (about 1800) with a shell that 1) provides some information, 2) enables users to find more, and 3) invites their input.

We don't want to keep redoing the counties, so would like to be quite sure that the shell contains the right information and links, yet does not require missionaries to spend much time on each county.

We will show the shell with how to find information and a few links. We will appreciate your feedback and ideas.

US/Canada West Unit

Log in and Directed to Main Page instead

Unlike Wikipedia - if one log in somewhere other than Main Portal, you are directed back to Main Portal instead of the one you came in. Any way to correct this problem? dsammy 19:32, 6 August 2008 (UTC)