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Questions and Comments about this collection or its wiki page

  • Need clarification about death residence - There is confusion about the last residence in the SSDI, we need a paragraph that clarifies that this in not the place of death, it is the last place of residence that the SSA has on file.  In this same paragraph we need to include that when only 2 geographical divisions are stated that they represets County/State as opposed to City/State (ie Jefferson,Texas refers to the county of Jefferson not the City of Jefferson).  Using the Zip code of last residence helps determine the town.

    This information has been added to the wiki page. TimothyNB

    • Missing Information - There isn't anything showing up on the page.

      Coding was accidentally added that moved the rest of the article down to where the page looked empty. It has been fixed. TimothyNB

      • Question - I just have a question, why do the electronic records not show what exact date they crossed the border? It only shows the year range for each individual. Are they not in the original record? Thanks

        I wonder if you posted this message in the wrong collection. Could you have meant to ask this about one of the border crossing collections? Dorothy Horan