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1920 Census Mistake on indexing. They index steve for Sterl Chapman in the household of Able (Abel) and Mary Chapman.

Errors in Record Indexes

At this time, we do not have a process to correct errors in the indexes made for historical records.

At FamilySearch, we understand your need and desire for accurate records about your family and regret any errors in the indexes to our historical record collections (records such as birth, marriage, death, census, and more).

Errors have been made, in spite of our 3-step process. Over the years, tens of thousands of volunteers have given many hours to index these records. We have tried to ensure accuracy in this way: one indexer extracts the information, a second indexer extracts the same information, and a third-party arbitrator resolves any differences between the two.
No process to correct published indexes at this time. Once an index is published, we do not have a process to correct errors or to add notes to the indexes. We have been looking into this process. See "Thoughts on correcting errors to the records" by design engineer Robert Kehrer.