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I removed the link to the Record Search pilot that appeared in the Collection Time Period.  The template that appears beneath the title includes a link to the collection in

The link that was added to the Collection Time Period section of this article is to the Pilot site, also called Record Search, which was the forerunner to the Historical Records site. The link that appears in the template at the top of the article is to the Historical Records site. Currently both sites are active, but the pilot site will become inactive in the future.

Dorothy Horan  

There is a mistake in the way my mother's maiden name (and thus, the way her family's name) was misspelled.  How do I go about correcting it?

Also, how do I find information for deceased relatives that are not in the website?

Thanks for any help!

Janie  :-)

Janie, you can submit questions like these to the Family HIstory Department suppport unit by clicking on the feedback tab in each wiki article. I have alerted them to your questions. 

I wanted to let people know that for this article describing a collection on FamilySearch there is a template: {{FamilySearch_Collection}} that provides a link to the collection in FamilySearch. I have added that as well as putting the links in the article as hyperlinks. Thanks for all the contributions.

I think the Wiki should make clear that the estimated birth year (as reported by FamilySearch) is ALWAYS off by one year for the 1920 Census.  Because in 1920 the official census date was January 1st, the (reported) ages given can be directly subtracted from 1920 to give what should be the correct year of birth.  Unfortunately, the FamilySearch census algorhithm doesn't do that.  It treats the reported age at the time of the census as if the census was given on December 31st of the census year.  This is fine for census years when the census date was June, July, or April, but makes no sense for a census with an effective date of January 1st.

Ideally the change should be made to the FamilySearch extract algorhythm instead, but until then, the Wiki should make clear this built-in inaccuracy.  If the reporting algorhthm IS changed, then when the age of a child is reported in months, the estimated month of birth should also be provided by FamilySearch.


The following text was removed from the article on 8 Dec 2011. Please post similar comments in the discussion page:

Jennie Lynn Stanley's husband was JOHN DEWEY GEER. Not John Stanley
Marcia Stanley Klaas, niece,

-CJ Woehl