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As a user of FamilySearch Historical Records, I like to know how complete the record group is. The Search page for the 1850 Mortality Schedules gives incorrect and incomplete information about the availability of the 1850 Mortality Schedules for various states. This misleads the user. I can't tell what the source of the indexes and the images might be. Information on this page is not necessarily specific to the 1850 schedules.

Incorrect information when searching the 1850 Mortality Schedules in FamilySearch Historical Records: "Mortality schedules are not available at all for other states." In fact, 1850 mortality schedules ARE available for states that don't appear on the list. For instance, the FHL has printed books or microfilms for these states that don't appear on the list: California, Minnesota, Oregon, and Pennsylvania (PA films don't circulate).

The FHL doesn't have books or films for some states listed: Delaware, Maine, South Carolina, and Utah. It would be nice to know the source of all these films and images. That would help the user in determining how complete the collection might be and of alternative sources for indexes and images.

Charlene Pipkin 16:16, 19 October 2010 (UTC)