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Regarding the 1930 census index entry found at Since your site does not have images, I went to and searched for Grove Burgess. I got no results. I searched Ancestry for the other members of the household, and got no results. Knowing that Ancestry's indexes aren't always correct, I went to HeritageQuest and looked up the page cited, T626, roll 1876, page 18a. The family was not on that page. Thinking perhaps you used the written page number, I looked for that, and discovered that almost every ward of the city had a page 18a,which is why you shouldn't use the written page number without specifying the location more precisely. So I looked at every one of the page 18a's and did not find the household.The purpose of a citation is to lead others to the source.I found it impossible to find the source of your index entry.

I followed the link to the index page you posted above and then followed the link that was provided to It took me directly to the correct page. Grove Burgess was on line 36 right where he should be. Try using the Ancestry link on the index page. Lotje 21:26, 2 May 2012 (UTC)