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Can anyone tell me how to get a photo from the immigration records from Canada to the United States?

Barbara Jenkins

Barbara, I've checked the images in the Wiki and did not find anything that would help you.  You might try Wikipedia or just do google searches or the Family History Library catalog at  I will also put a help template on this page, in case someone else sees this and has more information.Lynda 15:00, 1 November 2011 (UTC)

Hello Barbara:  What time period are you wishing to search?  Are you talking about border crossing[s] or ship  or plane travel to American soil?

I have done border crossing research between Canada and the USA, however, I used microfilm and internet to locate records.  From the website, the following is written:  Border crossing records and passports can be rich sources of information on your immigrant ancestors.  In border crossings, you can find details similar to those found on passenger arrival records. Passports can provide birth details, names of relatives, and affidavits, as well as naturalization and immigration details, where applicable. has information on Border Crossing:  Canada to US from 1895-1956 and 1908-1935.  There is also information on Detroit Michigan Border Crossing:  Passengers and Crew list 1905-1957.  

As an immigrant to America myself, I know something of immigration records and I ditto what Lynda provided to you on 1Nov 2011 - above.  You will need to know the following minimal information: point of entry to the USA, time period, and name of immigrant [derivative spellings may be needed too].

Try this website which should provide you with tips:

Happy Research.

User:Saguache214  2Nov2011  7:26p