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Indexing and Abritration Suggestion;

The US- Registers of Enlistment in the U.S. Army, 1798 are VERY difficult to read at the top of the page due to the darkness of the image. The column titles often cannot be read along with the first few lines, making this a poor place to start your indexing.


Start on line 20 (the half-way point, there are 40 lines total) where the text is clear and get a feel for the information requested. When you reach line 40, go back up to line 19 and work your way BACKWARDS one line at a time, up to line 1.  You'll find that by the time you reach the really difficult to read text it will be much easier, as you have had 30 to 35 lines of practice to get the order of info and the handwriting style clear in your mind.

Here are the Column titles as best I can figure them out, If someone gets a clear page please add the necessary information updates here!

Column #1- Entry Number

Column #2- Sir Name

Column #3- Given Name

Column #4- Enlistment Month

Column #5- Enlistment Day

Column #6- Where Enlisted

Column #7- Enlisted by

Column #8- Unknown

Column #9- County

Column #10- State

Column #11- Age

Column #12- Occupation

Column #13 thru 17- not needed

Column #18- Unit

Column #19- Company

Column #20- Remarks.