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Submissions welcome

This page was created to provide Boy Scouts with a short, succinctly annotated list of sites they can search for ancestors' names (not reference information, not methodology, not catalog entries, not geographical information, but ancestors' names). While it is true that other pages exist on the wiki whose scope overlaps that of this page, none served the abovementioned purpose. Take, for instance, England Websites or England Major Websites. I don't pretend to be even an intermediate at UK research, so your additions to this page are welcome. But please, whatever you do, list only major sites with names well-organized, succinct directories of such sites (such as the Price and Associates site), and keep the annotations within three lines. Remember, this list is meant to be succinct. And please do not list sites that the user can't figure out within about a minute. There are plenty of data-rich sites that are completely useless to the beginner because users can't tell where to find the search engine or can't tell what the most important databases are. Those may be helpful for experts, but they are not among the top sites and will thus eventually go the way of the Dodo. RitcheyMT 04:28, 25 July 2011 (UTC)