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1) Due to the complexity of Lancashire's geographical and ecclesiastical layout, mixing up it's numerous chapelries with its ancient parishes (even in apha-arrangement) and labelling the page as "Lancashire Parishes" is dangerous at least, and not advisable--UNTIL Lancashire's chapelries and district churches have ALL been identified and is "complete". The current List on the "Lancashire Parishes" page is NOT complete yet (but is progressing towards it). Nor are all of Lancashire's chapelries NOT yet completely listed in the Jurisdictions Map nor in ANY SINGULAR reference source including the Lancshire Wiki's "Comprehensive Lists of Chapels".... Only after thorough, exhaustive, meticulous studies are done--from MULTIPLE reference aids, tools and sources, may we begin to safely presume that Lancashire has a finalized, thorough "list". Until then, it is not advisable to list all of Lancashire's churches--chapelries and ancient parishes--in one single list. 2) The strategy in Lancashire research is in learning that Lancashire is comprised of mostly chapelries--NOT parishes. The two links--The Chapelries A-Z and The Parishes A-Z denote and lend emphasis between the two. Why is this important? Knowing that a place is the ancient parish allows researchers to then learn (from the WIki Lancashire pages) all--or just about all--chapelries attached so that they will then know with more precision in which chapelries to search for lost ancestor[s]. Most Lancashire research problems are decades-old or over a century-old type problems--so unless they know with more clarity and exactness where and in which chapelry to search they continue to be "lost', in perpetuity...

Hi Phillip, I understand and agree with your point of view. What has been suggested is not a merger of the list of the ancient parishes with Lancashire Parishes but with another article that you started yourself back in November 2011, Lancashire Ancient Parishes. That page has a better title, as it describes the content better. "The Parishes" is too ambiguous. Likewise the article The Chapelries should be renamed for example to Lancashire Chapelries. --Steve (talk| contribs) 17:36, 19 October 2012 (UTC)