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finding more info from bare printout?

1. I went to the Texas death records

2. I put in my mother's name

3. I got out a (helpful) but sanitized printout: event: death,  date:-----, etc.etc., certificate number: blank

4. I click on "about this collection"

5. a page comes up that seems to indicate that a lot of additional info is available but it is not obvious from the article HOW TO ACCESS IT!   -  perhaps the person writing the thing knows but it doesn't come across to the reader!  - just FRUSTRATION!

6. How to access the source(s) of the entry?  not just a list of what's (reported to be) available would be helpful!  Whoever wrote this page is NOT a teacher!

Try searching a different index or the actual records. There are multiple indexes and collections of death records for Texas.