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This seems to be a page where the title is in another language and we English readers see it as a misspelt attempt - or am I off base with that assumption?  What are the standards for titles of the wiki research being in English with a 'tab' in another language?  This page has a link to a European connection - looks Scandinavian in origin.  IF the title "Suriname" is what placed item in ambigious pages, then editing to the English should correct it right?  10:58 p.m. Caroline Wolfgramm Irwin - on wiki maintenance duty 26 Oct 2011.

Discovered that Suriname is a country, formerly governed by the Netherlands, the historical administrative language is Dutch.  This page needs retitled and moved so it can function properly for researchers searching for colonial and historical records.  User:Saguache214 30Oct2011 8:47p