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Town versus Township

All articles on "places" in the USA should indicate whether "town" in the applicable area is the same as "township" in other areas. Michigan has a next smaller sub-division of a county called a township. New York state calls the same sub-division of a county a "town". Looks like new Hampshire uses the New York state method. This can be very confusing for "new" genealogists or other researchers.'s census records do not record a location as a "township" even though it is stated that way on the original census form. Which is wrong! Please edit this as needed and use the edited version on all places that should be identified as Town (Township)

  • Actually they are not same. Quite different functions. We do not follow Ancestry's way. WE use Town or Township according to each state's laws. Dsammy 02:01, 20 September 2015 (UTC)