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Brightsolid. Scotland 1841-1871 censuses. : 2012.
I believe that the author, title, publisher is the correct order. Brightsolid is a corporation that owns various websites. The name and URL of the website is sufficient. The author is Scotland or Scotland Census Office. The title is one of the census years depending on what one is using Donjgen 20:27, 4 August 2012 (UTC)

household groups not happening?

"> "All members of a family living in the same household will be listed together. When you find your family in one census, search earlier or later censuses to find additional family members and to verify details."

It's nice that an attempt has been made to integrate findmypast records for Scotland censuses, but in my experience, the above statement is simply not true -- and it's a real deal-breaker when it comes to usefulness of a census record to have every individual floating around in no household group record.

Given how important household groups are to censuses, I really think a more accurate statement here is in order...


Thanks for pointing that out. I have changed this section to say,

"Try finding family members who may be listed with your ancestor on the census record. Images of the record may not be available for this collection, but clicking on the GS Film number that your ancestor's name was found in may bring up search results of other individuals who appear on the same record."

We will continue to work on improving this article. Thanks for your help! We really do appreciate it.

Alexandra Burton
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