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Santa Margarita California Family History Center

What Information would be helpfull for your from this site.

Please follow the instructions at the top of the page and then fill-in all the sections that apply to your FHC.

Thank you for all you do.Sandralpond 14:11, 24 August 2011 (UTC)

Research WIKI

Type of FHC?

The following would help this article.

1) Is this a branch, ward, stake, multi-stake or large multi-stake FHC?  The Church has official names of each FHC per issued certificate.  Then there are common local names that should be noted as needed. 

2) Does this FHC contain a book or resource library collection? Is there a book/film/fiche/CD type catalog?

3) What type of internet connection does this FHC have? (T-1, cable, phone, or wireless) 

4) Does it have an external web site outside of

5) It would be nice to know the number of computers, printers, scanners, microfilm and microfiche readers.

6) Who are the directors?  How many staff volunteer?

7) Is this FHC associated with any local genealogical society or organization? 

8) What other local family history & genealogical resources are near by?

9) How many microfilm, microfiche, or CDs are present and can be used there without ordering it on line?

10) Are any of the staff bilingual? 

11) A picture of the entrance or building or interior shot or two would help this article.

I and other readers would like to know. Jrcrin001 02:45, 17 November 2011 (UTC)