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Drouin Protestant Records offers access to the microfilm collections of Gabriel Drouin. However in researching my Scots ancestors in SW Quebec I find Ancestry's search function and indexing sloppy and incomplete. I emailed Ancestry about this-they responded they will look into it. Many times the transcriber never read or understood an entire entry. Thus fairly common names are scrambled in Ancestry's search indexes because the transcriber did not take the time to figure out the name. A birth/baptism record usually lists the father's name first, then the mother, then the child's name and dates of birth and baptism. Some indexers never read beyond the father's name-the father's name is all that makes it into Ancestry's final index. So if you search under the child's name you never will find it unless you also look for the child's father. Several times I have found an ancestor in the card index that was later created for the original entries written by ministers, but Ancestry cannot find the original records, which contain far greater and more detailed information than the card index. If I am finding so many indexing errors just on my family lines the indexing is likely faulty for the entire collection. Ancestry really needs to re-index the whole collection. Or perhaps FamilySearch could re-index it, collecting more data from each entry, just as indexers are doing for censuses previously indexed by Ancestry.