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Maryland Wills 1750 to 1760

Hi have found what I consider to be one of my family Wills, but it is in Maryland USA.

The denefactor is my GG father, but from an unknown person.

Having found an advert seeking a Walter Fyson, published in Maryland in June 30th, 1757, and then later up to the end of the year in New York, in which the said Samuel Berry (who was a attorney at law in Maryland), briefly descrides this Will.

But he does not give a contact address, nor is the advert published out side the States!

The Will/Estate identifies the said Walter fyson as living in Snailwell, near Branwell, near Newmarket, (which can only be in Cambridgeshire, England, and not as Mr. Berry believed in the States?

The Maryland Calendar of Wills 1753 to 1760.

Looking for any help in finding out about this event.

Regards Tim Edwards.