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Orphans Ct Dockets , PA (CaseID:2867281)

I had contacted Family Search Support (CaseID:2867281) about how to find the documents listed for Jacob Fetter:

1. Jacob Fetter 24 May 1768, born Orrstown, Southampton Tp, Franklin Co PA - died 20 Mar 1852 Pleasant Hall, Letterkenny Tp, Franklin Co PA

2. Administration Index, Orphans Court Docket Index, Franklin Co PA, p. 301 (fuzzy scan attached):

3. I wanted to see the actual 1850s documents referred to there which lists several volumes and page numbers for real estate sales, accounts, auditors reports, petitions, etc.
So I then went to one of the cited sources to see what I could find - the Orphans Court Dockets 1852-59 G-H and found Jacob Fetter dec'd (attached) on p. 8 with 4 pages numbers listed:
I then went further into that document to find those page numbers but the numbers were not the same.

What I'd like is to find are the original sources for all the cited documents listed in item 2 above.

I was told by Family Search Support tI could get the answer in this Editing Talk.  Unfortunately, it does not address how to find  the documents as I've listed in the Orphans Ct Records above.

Ed Lay