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Ohio Marriages - IGI Indexes

The information for this collection states:

"This collection may include information previously published in the International Genealogical Index or Vital Records Index collections. "

Before this site was updated it was very easy to distinguish between the records that were actually transcribed records and ones that were user submitted ones. Both were "IGI" records and one could easily look at the bottom of the record to tell the difference.

Is this collection and others for that matter that say they are "IGI" collections include the user submitted information? I would hope not. If it does this is a huge error on the part of this data base as we all know that peoples genealogies are fiction until proved with sources. If the IGI's are combined then this is a useless source :( Is there some way to now differentiate between the two that I don't know of? If so, I'd think that should be in the Wiki.

Thanks, Casay2