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Recognizing that leaders and famous members of a tribe are part of the history, it may be quite appropriate to include their names and links to information about them on the tribal pages in the Research Wiki. This will need to be rather carefully controlled, however, or we could end up adding enough names that it would become a data base of names, which is contrary to the guidelines for the Wiki.

The approach we have taken to the Wiki is that its major focus should be on the records, how to use them, and how to access those records. That being the case, my feeling is that the names and links to information about leaders and/or famous members of the tribe should be placed as part of the history of the tribe, not in a prominent place at the top of the tribal page. Please see the suggested placement of such information on this page.

The reasoning for this is that the names of prominent tribal members do not directly link people to the records of the general tribal members and their records, but may very well of interest to them.

I would like to hear other opinions about the placement of such information. Jimmy B. Parker 06:19, 5 September 2010 (UTC)