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Talk:New York, State Census, 1905 (FamilySearch Historical Records)

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I have a correction to offer for the following family: Residence: Fulton, Oswego, New York Family Number: 208 Page Number: 11 Line Number: 40 Film Number: 1017603 Digital Folder Number: 4518294 Image Number: 00263

	Household	Gender  Age                                              Race	Birthplace: 	

Abram A Deacon M 44y Estimated Birth Year: 1861 Head W United States Josie D Frane F 17y Estimated Birth Year: 1888 Niece W Canada Eva M Frane F 7y Estimated Birth Year: 1898 Daughter W United States

The last name for Eva M is Deacon. This is proved by the 1900 census. ps. - bring back the OLD census search format please!


 Answer to above request:

At times, you may encounter errors made in the transcription of the Historical Records found at, or you may have additional knowledge about the person listed on the record. We get requests from patrons who want to to make changes to the indexes.

At the present time, FamilySearch does not have the programming in place to allow a user to make corrections or annotations on a record found in our Historical Records collections nor does it provide a way for a user to submit these errors so that someone internally can make the correction.

However, FamilySearch understands the desire to improve upon the quality of the records. Please let us assure you that our Design Engineers are spending a "significant amount of time and resources in mapping out a system that would allow user corrections or annotation to a record," thus adding them to the searchable database. "We cannot yet announce a date when such a feature will be available, but it is on the road maps and drawing boards." Get Satisfaction posting by Robert Kehrer--Design engineer "Thoughts on correcting errors to the records"

We suggest that if you see a need for a correction that you make note of it so that when this feature is in place, you will be able to help amend the records. We thank you for your patronage and patience as we continue making improvements to the site.