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M Ritchie "We do need to be careful about plagiarizing the very wording that other sites use to present that information. We should not steal direct quotes. If we need direct quotes (and in this case, we don't), we must attribute them."
See Copyright issue thread Forums:FamilySearch Wiki Contributors Corner dated 26 May 2011

British History Online has copyright on all text on their site; it is possible to add a link to the relevant material but the text should not be pasted into the page. The copyright question was identified by a moderator earlier this year who removed all material from the relevant page. The Gazetteer entries being added are a secondary source of parish history and whilst they can be linked to the page to allow reader to explore if they wish, pasting Text is we note not felt to be appropriate as the single content of the parish history. Outrageous 16:07, 6 September 2011 (UTC)