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Talk:Kentucky, County Marriages (FamilySearch Historical Records)

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It would be more helpful to list the counties and dates that are included in the database.

A Coverage table has been added to this article. Be aware that only a few counties have been indexed which is what is reflected in the table. It will be updated at a later date. When it is updated is dependent upon how fast the indexing is completed.TimothyNB

Is there an index of the microfilm numbers in the collection and which county they include? Because so few of these images are indexed, I often search by browsing, but the images are shown by microfilm number, not by county name. I would really appreciate a table of counties and the microfilm numbers that have records for those counties.

There is not an index to microfilm numbers. But if you go the the microfilm number search in the FamilySearch Catalog, you can enter the microfilm number and get back a description of the microfilm which should list the counties on the roll of microfilm.