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Is the digitization of this collection (as held by the FHL) complete, and are all the digitized files properly uploaded and linked to from the list of towns here:

Because the digitized records currently available lack about half of the towns which are found in the actual Catanzaro State Archives in Italy: -- PAGE 876, "STATO CIVILE"

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The name of the city of Monteleone (a.k.a Monteleone-Calabro, Monteleone di Calabria) was changed in the early 20th Century to Vibo Valentia (its ancient Roman name).

A link for "Monteleone" should exist as many foreign genealogical researchers will not be aware of the name change. Really "Vibo Valentia" should just say "see Monteleone" as the actual microfilm records are for "Monteleone".


In 1992 two new provinces were split from the province of Catanzaro, the Province of Crotone and the Province of Vibo Valentia.

There should be a mention of this in the info page about the Catanzaro provincial Stato Civile records. And (a lot more work) all of the towns now in the two new provinces should also be cross-referenced for all purposes.

For example currently there are records for "Italy, Catanzaro, Mileto", and there should also be entries for "Italy, Vibo Valentia, Mileto".

Lists of current municipalities for the three provinces are found here:

Note that there are some towns/villages found in 19th century records which today have been absorbed into neighboring municipalities, and a few places which have had name changes. See the footnotes to the list of municipalities in this inventory of the Stato Civile records for the whole former Province of Catanzaro: -- PAGE 876, "STATO CIVILE"

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Answer: The above noted issues now have waypoints in this collection. Thank you for your information.