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Suggested Revision

I think this page should be reworked to have the most widely used tax records listed first. Then, within the Griffith's and Tithe section, the websites to search should be mentioned first. Most important information first.h

I agree in principle. That approach would probably address the most commonly used records first. Perhaps either a chart of the tax records by century, or bracketing the tax date behind the title would also alert users to the time period that the other tax records have application. Most represenations of record listings use a chronological approach, but I don't think we have to adhere to that approach. DER

Proposed Separation

There is a problem with topic levels. Item 5 in the Table of Contents is really a sub-topic of item 4, and Items 6 (Further Info) and 7 (Indexes) apply to items 3 and 4 only, yet items 1 through 7 are all listed as same level topics.
I propose moving Griffith Valuation and Tithe Applotments to a separate article linked to from both the Taxation article and the Land and Property article. Then the top level topics could be Tithe Applotments, Griffiths Valuations, Indexes, and Further Information. Valuation books, revision lists, etc. would be sub-topics under Griffiths Valuation.
I will wait until 12 December to give opportunity for feedback before making any change.
Alan 17:40, 5 December 2011 (UTC)

Broken Link

The following link on this page is broken and I have not been able to find the correct link.

Thank you.