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Hi There HendricksonP
I noticed that you have been removing the footnotes that I have attached to sources and references in several pages that I've worked on. We patterned that years ago when we first started on the wiki after the way that Wikipedia is set up. It seems to help the reader with a more clean, clear article yet maintaining it's information. When we didn't have any rules or guidelines back then we used Wikipedia as our standard. It served us well. If you just check on an article in Wikipedia you will see that is how it is set up.

I have many edits in the wiki and they almost all have footnotes. It would be a very daunting task to change them all or change them back. When I am invited to speak about the wiki or teach classes on the wiki I am teaching about adding footnotes.

Our time might be better served to build the wiki with new information and expand stub articles rather than change something that really doesn't need changing.

Is there a new rule that I'm not aware of? Just let me know so I can change my ways. Thank you so much
Familyjournals 21:18, 10 July 2012 (UTC)