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Serious problem with some pages in Indiana marriages--mismatched pages show wrong marriage relationships[edit source]

there is a VERY serious problem with a few pages in this _Indiana Marriage Records_ records set: For some reason pages in Parke County marriages that don't belong together are filmed together, so that it appears that grooms (information on left page) and brides (information on right page) are a pair when they're not because the correct pages aren't aligned together.  Fortunately, pages are numbered so if one is careful you can avoid the error, but unfortunately the indexers weren't so careful and dutifully matched people together who were not married to each other.   For a specific example, p96 and p93 are shown as a pair, with the dozen or so couples on the two pages (and on their corresponding pages 97 and 92) appearing to be married to the wrong people!

Adding to the misfortune is that this issue is duly noted in the 'known issues' for this collection, but the note is so far removed from the data, and even from the description of the collection, that I expect it's known only to the person who wrote it and perhaps a few people who've discovered and tried to report the problem (we're told that since it's documented as a known issue nothing more needs to be done. sigh.)

Answer[edit source]

You have reported the issue the proper way and the issue has been brought to the attention of the people who address these issues. That means that it is in the process of being investigated and scheduled to be fixed as necessary. This may sound like a cumbersome process that takes time, and a major fix will take time. Each month reports are generated with these issues on them and the action taken, so don't think that you're being ignored, because you're not. Pushing the feedback button is a very proactive thing to do and does get noticed, documented and worked on. Thank you for reporting this issue.

Dorothy Horan, User Guidance Supervisor 16:06, 26 May 2015 (UTC)