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Missing counties

Collection description says the following counties are missing: Gallatin, Mason, Monroe and part of Tazewell.

I cannot locate any entries from Morgan county, but there are some entries from Mason county. Is it possible that the description says Mason when it should say Morgan?


In reviewing the collection, there is one locality in Mason County in the collection. However, Morgan County is there also. When searching for Morgan County, the search results brought up both the city of Morgan and the county of Morgan. Try the following search which I used and should get your results: Search by scrolling to USA, Canada, and Mexico; click on that and enter Illinois in the search box; click on Illinois State Census, 1865. In the search boxes put - PLACE: Morgan County; DATES: 1865 to 1865. If this does not work, please contact us with specific search details by clicking on the Help or Feedback buttons.