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The database mentioned here,  requires a login name. The article should indicate how this login name is acquired.

1) May I strongly recommend that where this excellent article mentions "Census" down towards the very bottom, that census records be moved to another article on 'Using Original Record Sources', if such exists currently in the FS Wiki. It doesn't fit this article, becuase it all about getting started and using compiled and home sources--not original sources. If you include census records in this article, then why not include other original or even primary record sources? It makes a little better sense to delete it or move it out.

2) May I also suggest that this article really needs a little further 'fleshing-out'--treatise on published family and local histories for quicking ancestry. There are sooo many research libraries, archives and repositories holding vast collections of published works on family and local history that it REALLY begs at least a smallish treatise on such repositories and libraries. For example, perhaps the largest collection of published family histories is housed at the Newberry Library in Chicago and the Library of Congress in Washington DC for starters. If perchance you are may be interested, I have an article which discusses with a British emigrant bent, compiled source-bearing insitutions around the world--including the US which provides ideas of places to inquire and to search. Phill Dunn