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I think identifying and setting a standard between the concept of a “true” birth record and one that contains birth information is a distinction that has long been needed and am pleased that the Utah Wiki Project identified this and James Tanner volunteered to write a United States page on 'How to FInd Birth Information'; along with a a Utah page on 'How to Find Birth Information'.

I was reviewing Johni Cerny’s section “Research in Birth, Death and Cemetery Records” in the 1997 edition of The Source and noticed that she uses the term “birth records” to define records that contain “birth information” as well as what we would consider “true” birth records.

This makes me wonder if the professional community has ever addressed the issue of “birth information” vs “true birth records’ and if a standard terminology is already in place. (Note my initial reference is admittedly very old--1997.) I have not had a chance to research this.

Perhaps some of the professionals in the community can comment?

Perhaps, as a wiki community, we need to set a standard??

In the meantime, I like the term “Birth Information” as it presently stands in James’ rough outline; but use of the term “birth certificate” is a bit bothersome. Some “true” birth records are not really certificates. Additionally, when we take this concept to marriage information we need a term broader than marriage certificates so as to include bonds and licenses; but narrow enough so that it doesn’t encompass “marriage information”.

So for right now, in the “How to Find BIrth Information in the United States” wiki article, perhaps we could change it to something like:

Do not confuse a record that contains “birth information” (such as christening record) with the concept of a government created “birth record” (such as a state created birth certificate or a county created birth register entry).

JanaStokes 18:22, 20 July 2012 (UTC)