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Crescunt I note the gazetteer entry contains a link to a site(British History Online) which has a copyright; how should such gazetteer entries be cited please?

Henry995 Phil I believe the way you have edited is one way to handle the issue which arose (and lead to the departure of about 5 English Contributors). The pages in English wiki were created as here by the British Isles Research team at the Family History Library and they often quote gazetteers in this way; on the other hand other staff involved in wiki maintain that the way in which sources are cited means that British History Online and other British sites should not be cited in this way.  I am unsure if this was resolved there are thousands of British History Online links in England pages like this one and you are quite right to question how these are being handled or processed and by whom. Gazetteer entires can be valuable to the researcher  something which can be overlooked by others who are "patrolling" pages. It would help if the issue could be spelled out for contributors as there are a number of resolutions the worst of which is to delete the content.  The other use of gazetteer is the sole source to outline the history of the parish (which may have lost its church in the 11th-17th century) again not perhaps always understood by moderator without an English research background. Due to the difficulties experienced this year I am no longer inclined to use a gazetteer entry unless absolutely necessary. 

This question has been marked as resolved but I beg to differ. There continue to be added to the parish history pages text from British History Online which claims copyright. Has FamilySearch sought permission from the copyright holder to use text and if so could this be clearly identified to contributors? I would also question gazetteer text as being parish history as it is confined to a point in time; in this case is it necessary? I would suggest not and of more importance is the other information in the parish history paragraph. There are indeed two schools of gazetteer use from copyrighted online sites at present in English pages of the FamilySearch Research wiki. Without clear guidance that I can locate it appears that practice has been for extensive parts of the country to use copyright text quotes, whilst another group of contributors have respected copyright and removed gazetteer entries to provide more relevant detail. Ps1964 14:27, 2 January 2012 (UTC) I would also point out that Surrey Census has no useful content for census returns for this ecclesiastical parish and reference to the census by microfilm collection needs further research and a correction to the current presentation of the relevant microfilms as it cannot be located in the search engine provided.

 Penshurst 11:45, 27 February 2012 (UTC)

As part of my patrolling duties for the wiki maintenance team, I will ask for historical records assistance regarding your question.  I am also searching for direction from team leaders.  Thank you for sharing your concerns.  We are working on a solution for your concerns.

CIrwin  Caroline Wolfgramm Irwin 05:21, 5 March 2012 (UTC)