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Dear Contributors,

The FamilySearch Research Wiki is delighted to let you know that the Family History for Beginners  page you helped create is on the Featured Article Candidate list. It will be highlighted on the Main Page of the Wiki in December. We ask you to look over the article and make any changes that you deem necessary. Thank you for your excellent work that will allow others to quickly access records. Your contributions are appreciated and will help others find their ancestors.
You have made a difference in research!

Featured Article Committee members

I love the way this article brings together so many great resouces for a beginner.  Having said that, I would suggest that the main subheading not be "Featured Content."  That seems to me to be more about "Deciding Where to Start."  I would suggest replacing the words "How to Guess Where to Start" and positioning it above the paragraph that begins, "If you are wondering..."  Ideally, multiple bullet points should not all begin with the same word (e.g., "guessing").  Lise 20:41, 20 December 2011 (UTC)

formatting[edit source]

Something is the matter with this page. I don't know how to fix it.

The background color of the text boxes on the left sidebar are opaque and overlap some of the text in the main body of the article.

This page doesn't exactly "feel" like an article, with all the further topic links in a list. I think of an introductory article as a big block of text you can read as though it is a narrative. Imbedded links for terms work, but this doesn't exactly "read" like much of an article on family history for beginners. IMHO