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Project Revisions and Reminders Common Indexing Mistakes in this Project:

  • Typing in the state when it is not on the record. If the state was not written or stamped on the form or was written as a variation of the word unknown, press Tab to skip this field.
  • Indexing the state when not recorded as the place of the principle event. Type the state or country where the event (birth, death, or marriage) took place. Do not record place of residence or place of parent's birth.
  • Assuming surnames from another person on the record. If a child is only recorded with a given name, do not assume a surname from the parents.
  • Assuming gender from the given name.
  • Indexing the backs of the cards.
  • Field Helps state: If you are looking at the front of a card that does not indicate the state or country, go the previous or next image to see if the information was recorded on the back of the card. If it was, then return to the image of the front of the card to index the information along with the names and dates. Then return to the image of the back of the card, and mark the image of the back of the card as No Extractable Data.

Arbitrator Helps

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Additional Information (updated as needed)

Multiple Spouses in Death records: When multiple spouses are present for a single principle, the rule is to only index the present or current spouse. Indexing only the current spouse is necessary to give good search results on FamilySearch. 

Birth Records: Stillborns are recorded as Live Births

Your Findings and suggestions for this project:

We welcome your input and questions about your experiences from indexing and arbitrating this project.

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