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Are we to use Most Complete Name in the instance of both Birth Records and Marriage?

If mother fills out birth info and uses married name are we to include this when typing her name as Child's Given Name---Christopher Andrew Surname-----Murphy

Father of Child Given Name-----Robert Christopher Surname-----Murphy

Mother of Child--Given Name---Mary Surname----Anderson (making this now Anderson Murphy)

Form signed by Mary Murphy

Re: Vermont Vital Records-When state is not shown on same line as city where event occurred ot was recorded, but is elsewhere on card, can we include it in state field for index.  Example:  Event recorded in "Burlington" no state beside city name, but elsewhere on card, such as birthplace or residence of various people it says "Burlington Vermont, sometimes several times.  Can we index "Vermont" in state field, or must state name appear with town of event or recording to be included in index?

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