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I've come across a typed name that is lined out, but readable.  It looks something like this:

John    Doe        M     M      England

<strikeSince I can find no further guidance I am including the name.  Since decendance will be able to see the image it's there decission whether they beleive the person boarded the boat or not, but they should be able to find the doc in a search to make such a decission.

Answer from another indexer:

I saw somewhere that it said to still include it if it's crossed out.
I did a couple batches with those too- but they also had this at the bottom of the list of passengers:

Certified erasion line 24 - (Name) did not sail.

But I think I'll still include it - I figure it's better to index too much than not enough- and researchers should hopefully always be able to look at the original source. I wish there was a way to enter optional notes on the records we index.

How do I index crossed out information on line 1? Do I put line 2 info on line 1?

If the information on line 1 has been TOTALLY crossed out with Xs & Ms so it is totally unreadable, do I mark line 1 as <Blank> or do I start to index the information typed on line 2 of the air passenger list on line 1?

The indexing team does not have the manpower to answer questions on these Talk pages. Please send an email to with the name of the project in the title. (Also, check Basic Indexing Guidelines for information about crossed out information). averyld 22:58, 15 April 2013 (UTC)