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Jerich: Please explain what you did not like about my addition, or suggest another forum where indexers can collaborate with helpful suggestions. --sharkey — Preceding unsigned comment added by Sharkey42 (talk | contribs) 24 February 2014 17:42

Please note the instructions in blue underneath the tabs on the page: "Please remember that the project updates page is reserved for official updates from FamilySearch indexing..." The content for the project updates page is official content and is typically reviewed quite thoroughly.

For another collaborative forum, please note the second half of the message in blue: "...You are welcome to post appropriate observations and comments and relevant resources on the Additional Helps tab." — Preceding unsigned comment added by Jerich (talk | contribs) 24 February 2014 18:11


You can also come join us at where we provide a forums for indexers and arbitrators just like you asked Jerich about. Come in and help out with those projects you like to work on. Help us spread the word about our non-Facebook site. Library of FamilySearch Indexing Information 19:38, 24 February 2014 (UTC)


Lofsii seems like a nice forum. How would one ever find it? 

It's not listed on the "Indexing Resource Guide" for example. Is it an official site or a vigilante effort? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Sharkey42 (talk | contribs) 24 February 2014 21:47


No it's not official and FamilySearch has a no Unofficial links policy from what I know on that guide. We'd love for it to become affiliated. Vigilante effort would be more like it. i started it about 2 weeks before FamilySearch shut down their forums because the indexers in their forums were the only ones who really wanted the forums to keep going and there was not enough of them for FamilySearch to keep it open. I've paid for these forums out of my own pocket and have LDS members and non-LDS members who help maintain and run it. We've had over 111,000 page views in February alone. 48,000 page views in January. We need more members to promote it to their friends who index / arbitrate to make it more popular. I already share public posts to FamilySearch Indexing Facebook Page, my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. Plus I own a genealogy blog where when I'm not posting about my genealogy then I'm posting about indexing and linking to the forums again. I've had a few people call me a social media guru even though really I'm not in my own opinion. Library of FamilySearch Indexing Information 23:52, 24 February 2014 (UTC)

Sharkey, You are welcome to post on the Additional Helps page. In fact, there is a question there on that same topic, which you could answer. It is a good place for a forum. It's a good idea, though, when you post something there to include a reference of some sort to the project instructions, field help, or other resource to give your comment some authoritative weight. In this case, the project instructions state: "Some obituaries in this project are in German or Russian. Do not index these obituaries. If an image has only images in German or Russian, it should be marked as a No Extractable Data Image in the Image Type field. These obituaries will be indexed later in a different indexing project."