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Talk:FamilySearch Indexing: US—1940 Federal Census, Project Links

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Good people - as far as I know, this Talk page isn't actively monitored by the project support staff. They stopped using the discussion pages a while ago, and for a time directed people to use the FAQ page itself to ask questions. But just a few days ago, they had to close that down because of problems with some editors messing up the page and making it impossible to read or use.

You might want to make your way to the FamilySearch Indexing Forums and ask there - lots of people there who can help with general queries or assist with specific batches, including a very helpful Moderator who regularly obtains official rulings and answers directly from Support. Stuff there is also fed back to Project Support, who will then add to the Project Updates page where appropriate.

Here's a direct link to the Indexing Forums:

You can sign in there with your FamilySearch id - no need to create a separate forum id.

-- Dms246 19:54, 7 April 2012 (UTC)

I am indexing a page in Denver.  The enumerator for this area did not write anything in column 3 (house in order of visitation) so I am marking them all blank.  I hope this is o.k.  There is nothing further about it in the Field Instructions, or Project updates.

Update: I am sort of waiting to hear if this is ok before I submit batches.  Will someone answer please? 

If you need it, here is a share batch number for one of the pages: 189781578

Thank you

--I looked at your batch. I also looked at the previous image. The only time this enumerator entered a value in column 3 was when they also indicate "out of order." Since no order can be determined, I would mark all as blank, unless the "out of order" line has a value of "1" Take a look at the previous image to see other "out of order" lines. This is the first time I have looked at a shared batch. It stayed resident on my list of batches. I assume you still have access to this batch, as well. If not, let me know what to do in order to return this batch to you.

Age doesn't make sense[edit source]

I have a head of household (only member of household) who is widowed and 11 years old. Obviously the age is incorrect. How would you index that field - as written (11) or as unreadable?

--Do you think it might possibly say 71 years old?

----I considered that, but it really doesn't look like it. The enumerator's 7s are very clear and don't look like 1s.

Additional Name[edit source]

The original name has not been crossed out.  However, there is an additional name that has been penciled-in and it has been circled.  It could be a name change.  It could be a middle name.  It could be a separate individual?  Nothing else on the line has been changed.  Do I index only the original name?  Do I index only the penciled-in name?  Do I index both names as a first and middle name? Do I index both names using Original Name "or" Additional name?  Do I add an additional line for this name?

Clicking on the tab for FAQ in the Project Help page brings up absolutely no information and only the question about rating the page contents.  Useless page and just a waste of time.