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The title to this page is misleading. It refers to the website not the organization. Either the title needs to be changed or the page expanded. Probably this page needs to be combined with another page on the website. James L. Tanner 23:19, 11 February 2011 (UTC)

I agree that the title was misleading. I have moved the article so that it is hopefully clear that this article is about the website I have also added a link at the top of the article, a hatnote, to link to the page FamilySearch which is now a disambiguation page. --Steve 18:48, 16 February 2011 (UTC)

This page needs a drastic makeover with vastly updated information. There are so many new services, products, components, resources and absolutely needs a set of thorough "Instructions" on how to customize "searches" in what is probably the best (FamilySearch) search engine in the world, that this current page is an injustice to most users:  It does not list, nor mention, for example, the FamilySearch Wiki which is outstanding for many areas--states and countries for helping and aiding researchers (beginners and seasoned researchers) in their genealogical research, i.e. Look at the counties Dublin or Mayo, Ireland pages for effective websites for performing genealogical research from afar ($)! Additionally, there's no mention of the Forums, the pending FamilyTree, Indexing tool/program/projects, Community Trees projects, "All Records Collections"(!), etc., etc., etc. PB Dunn

PB Dunn,

It appears that you have a vast understanding of what needs to be on this page.  We love contributors to the Wiki.  Would you be willing to take on this page as a project, to make it better and updated?Lynda