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no images available

This question or concern has been resolved.

In the search lab which has now been removed there were images available. Now in the "new" format you can no longer see the other people in the household or the image just a referral to the pay site. Why did you remove the other members of household from the transcribed portion and no document reference # now I have to search every family member that I think was in the home seperatly what a waste of time your site has become a true dissiappointment for all researchers. Mocavo here I come'

As part of negotiations with FMP, we are limited in the number of fields we can show to the general public, and the images are hosted behind the paywall of a partner Family Search Members, have the right to the full index and images on our site, but we do not have the features to do both. I agree this is a disappointment for researchers, but this was done in contract negotiations by the executive committee, so there really isn’t anything we can do but hope that the issue gets attention from the engineers.

The value of the census index is reduced by the fact that there are no images and also no transcriptions on familysearch except for the the 1881 census. I think that this article and every other of the historical records census pages should address that issue and the value of just having the names. There is already a England Census page and this pages adds some more to it and has some of the same information. Perhaps it should complement that page and other related pages rather than repeat the same information.
It is almost like there needs to be a census moderator that can filter the various census pages to be sure that content is not repeated over again and again on different pages. The material should stay on topic.

Donjgen 21:26, 5 February 2012 (UTC)