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Today I received the following message from User:Horandm

Steve, you changed our "manual link to Record Search" to read: The Cheshire Register of Electors can be found for free at FamilySearch Record Search. To access this collection, see England, Cheshire, Register of Electors When you added the title of the collection, you removed our explanation that the article describes that collection, a feature which is appreciated by product managers of both the FH wiki and Record Search. Please do not remove that part of the note if you add additional titles in the future.

I checked back on the history for this article and it appears that the line This wiki article describes a collection entitled was not added to the article until today. Maybe it was another change that was being to referenced, otherwise I'm not sure what I have done. My most recent edit changed the category to something more specific and removed a redundant asterisk from the lead sentence, but nothing else. --Steve 16:12, 8 October 2009 (UTC)

I must have misread the history versions when I compared them. Sorry for the confusion.