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Comment from Potter8: A recent Blog / press release from Rob Goates suggested this collection was now indexed. In fact, only a portion has been indexed, so it should not be thought an event is not included if it does not appear in the results of a search.

Answer: Even when records for a certain location have been indexed and arbitrated, it takes some time for them to be published. Various factors can affect the publication time line, such as contract agreements with record custodians or partnership societies, final assembly considerations, server capacity, geographic considerations, prioritization of collections at risk, delivery type, and so forth.

Karen HenrieKahenrie 02:03, 22 January 2014 (UTC)

Comment from Munford. I have noticed that scanned images of this collection only go as far as 1901 and not 1941 as stated. I assume this is because they haven't been published yet or are not completely indexed???