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I was unable to get the links to the arkiv to open

Archive links

Links worked fine on two computers at the FHL, though I had to install Flash and IE 8 on one of them. You should also check to see if your JAVA is up to date. I just tested the links on my home computer and they work fine. Be advised that the Internet connection to the server they are using and about 5% of the time the image will fail to load after the page header is received. I put a note at the head of the section about Flash.

Searching on the Archive

I am particularly having difficulties searching for older records on the site. My ancestors were from the town of Vratimov. When I search in the box next to the word "filter", the records for Vratimov come up, but they only go back to 1856. I have found many ancestors in these records, but I would like to take it back further.

However, if I search for Vratimov in the search box next to "place", many other responses come up - older volumes, mostly from the 1700's and early 1800's. But I don't know how to search them. I can't find Vratimov specifically, instead there are many other names of cities. Browsing through the books, I can't find anything that looks remotely close to Vratimov. I am getting discouraged.

I have read and reread the instructions for searching on the Introduction page of the site, but I still do not understand what the difference between the two search methods are.

Could somebody please edit this section with details on how to search the archives site effectively? I don't mind going through the volumes and finding page numbers that correspond to my ancestors' hometown; it seems that is what others have done on the previous page. But I don't even know how to find Vratimov.


Hi! I just happened to have a watch on this page so I was notified that you made this comment on the Talk page. Otherwise, these comments could go unnoticed for a long time. I suggest that you copy parts of this question and post them at in the East European area. That way someone will give your specific question about Vratimov some attention. I'll look at your request to add details about searching, but I can't get to it for a couple of weeks.

Hello.  I was doing maintenance work tonight on the wiki research and your talk page caught my eye.  I went out and looked specifically for Vratimov records and found the following wiki comment posted 21 Dec 2009 from pysnaks.  I believe it address your concern as to repository access for Vratimov.

 "Thanks everybody for your replies.

I am researching Vratimov records myself and therefore I will share with you some additional information that were given to me by an employee of the Opava Archive. I am assuming that you need Roman Catholic records.

Opava Archive has birth, marriage and death duplicates for Vratimov 1835-1900 (Vratimov, Bartovice, Horní Datyne, Kunčice p. O. a Řepiště). These registers are stored at the off-site storage, are not available online, has to be ordered in and can only be viewed in person at the archive. You may try to e-mail the Opava Archive and ask if they would do a lookup in the duplicate register.

Vratimov records before 1835 (both original and duplicate registers) do not exist. The original register for that time period probably existed but was never sent to the archive. Years ago the archive employee was actually trying to locate the register in the Wroclaw archive, because Vratimov parish belonged to the Wroclaw diocese, but could not locate it.

Dolní Bludovice and Slezská Ostrava registers online contain some Vratimov records."

Hope this helps with your search.  User:Saguache214